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Progression Over Possession is an extension of the Reality is Real network.The brand was created with two intended purposes:

First and foremost, Progression Over Possession is a vehicle to spread imagery and messages we feel not only deserve but need to be spread. In a material world, we understand that material objects mean nothing without progression. While luxary cars are nice, upgrading your transportation to a luxary vehicle means nothing if you haven't upgraded yourself as a person first. Assholes in Benzs are a dime a dozen. If you're going to spend money on a T-shirt, why not spend money on a T-shirt with a message? 

Secondly, Progression Over Possesion was created to fund the work done within the Reality Is Real Network. Both of our founders spent years working in media and neither were happy with the current state of affairs. The Reality Is Real network, currently consisting of Reality Is Real and Reality Is Real Radio (Which incudes our Podcasts and radio show on 90.7 in Los Angeles), was created so we can highlight the stories that don't get highlighted and discuss the issues that are ignored by the business-first mainstream media. As opposed to running click-bait articles and doing whatever to get ad-money, we chose to create products we could stand behind that our audience could relate to. 

Supporting Progression Over Possesion isn't just buying an article of clothing, you can do that anywhere. Supporting Progression Over Possession is making a statement.